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  1. Julian Wang says:

    Hi Mr. Donkin,

    I am doing a project at school. My teacher told me to interview and expert. I heard you wrote a book about the Bermuda triangle. I would like you to answer these questions.

    So far, how many accidents had happened caused by the Bermuda Triangle?

    What is your theory about the Bermuda Triangle?

    How much did you have to research to write a book about it?

    What do you think will happen in the future?

    How often do accidents happen due to the Bermuda Triangle?

    Has there been any footage about any accident that has happened?

    Does the Bermuda Triangle have any positive effects?

    Did anyone try using drones to search in that area?

    If you have a chance, please reply back. Thank you.



  2. KCGSB says:

    Dear Andrew (and Julian of the Bermuda Triangle’d email)

    I admit this is mostly hearsay but:

    Apparently, whatever WAS going on in the Bermuda Triangle has now ended, and all thanks to the patrolling ships of the Disney Cruise Line. Not nobody nor nothing – no, not even the fearsome Klathrates, Kraken King of the Cays (second cousin of Cthulhu on his pelagic side) – could withstand for long the overwhelming might, reach and fetch of a ship that has Mariah Carey for a Godmother. (I had a card from Klat last month, posted in Ushuaia it was, saying he was en the slow route to a new career spooking surfers in California. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was heading straight for House of Mouse Central…)

    As for the future, the only certainty I can foresee is that any drones sent there will be locked onto and downed by Tinkerbell tout suite. I hope I’m wrong, I really do (and so does Klathrates; fortunately when feeling sorry for himself, he just flobbers in a trench and binge-watches benthic bum fights, rather than, say, trying to make bath toys out of passing airliners). I do wish we could send something suitably superpowerful to retake the area and so restore the mystery and wonder than has withered in the hard bright face of modern recording technologies. Maybe someone could go round Barney’s place, take him a Toffee Crisp, ask nicely, see what he says…?

    Yours truly,
    Carroll Deering
    former membership Sec., Sargasso Sea Residents Association.

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