The fifth episode of our children’s books #podcast DOUBLE BOOKED is out now on Apple and Spotify.

This is probably the best episode yet, and certainly the only episode so far with four other episodes before it.

M.G.Leonard is a fab guest and tells us all about her recent encounter with the Prime Minister. If you listen and like it then please subscribe and leave us a nice review on your #Podcast platform of choice.

The official blurb says:

Will this month’s episode get off to a fairy tale start? It will if ‘Once Upon An Eoin’ has anything to do with it – he’s chosen Philip Pullman’s masterful ‘Grimm Tales’ as his pick for ‘Me, Myshelf and I’. 

Our Weird Science feature takes a look at how flying birds might see the world, before the boys are joined by their special guest, Carnegie long listed author M.G.Leonard. M.G. takes them on a voyage through her best-selling children’s books about talking beetles and crime-solving bird watchers and explains all about how she recently ended up on a hydrogen powered train being ambushed by the British PM, Boris Johnson.

It Was Rubbish But I Loved It uncovers some forgotten ice lolly treats of the past including the deadly Dalek Death Ray, (mint and chocolate flavour since you asked) before we bow out with the pick of our digital mail bag in Agony Eoin.

All this and much more (even Seamus gets to speak!) on the latest episode of #DoubleBookedPodcast.

Find it where you usually find your #podcasts.

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