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Introducing the family friendly children’s book podcast from the minds of best-selling authors Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. Double Booked Podcast delves into the world of children’s books and storytelling. Enjoy book recommendations to inspire, pop-culture nostalgia, the world of weird science, interviews with authors and writing tips for anyone trying to unlock their next big idea.

Double Booked Podcast is for anyone who loves books, graphic novels, comics, libraries, librarians, bookshops, second-hand bookshops and second-hand librarians.

Produced by Eoin Colfer, Andrew Donkin and Seamus Redmond.
Sound Editing by Seamus Redmond.
Theme Music by Liam Bates.
Artwork by Giovanni Rigano.
A Silver Fox Production.

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Episode 6: You Are Number Six!

Prepare the mulled wine and mince pies and hold onto your sleighs! – it’s the epic Episode 6 of Double Booked Podcast, a magical Christmas episode of our children’s book podcast where everything is possible thanks to the imaginations of co-hosts, best-selling authors Ho-Ho-Ho-Eoin Colfer and Andrew ”St. Nick” Donkin.

Eoin and Andrew are joined throughout the show by our special guests from Season 1 of Double Booked – Jonathan Stroud, Jenny Valentine, Cressida Cowell, M.G Leonard and PJ Lynch. Five brilliant children’s authors offering their own personal choices for Christmas Book Gifting

Episode 5: Now We Are Five

Will Episode 5 get off to a fairy tale start? It will if ‘Once Upon An Eoin’ has anything to do with it – he’s chosen Philip Pullman’s masterful ‘Grimm Tales‘ as his pick for ‘Me, Myshelf and I’. 

Our Weird Science feature takes a look at how flying birds might see the world, before the boys are joined by their special guest, Carnegie long listed author M.G.Leonard.

All this and much more (even Seamus gets to speak!) on the latest episode of #DoubleBookedPodcast!

Episode 4: Four-teen Hours to Save the Earth

This month’s episode sees the pair uncovering a clever caveman in children’s classic ‘Stig of the Dump’, taming dragons with internationally renowned author and UK Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell, taking a peek at some nosey aliens in ‘Weird Science‘, and speaking of space, they crank up the volume, hold up their portable stereos and blast forth their love of 1980’s film ‘Flash Gordon‘, warts and all.

And if that’s not enough – get ready for more of your writing problems solved by ‘Agony Eoin‘.

Episode 3: Three for Vendetta

In this episode: for ‘Me, Myshelf and IEoin has chosen to share his love of the classic graphic novel ‘V for Vendettaby Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd and in our ‘Weird Science’ segment we investigate mysterious power outages in a small Scottish Town.

This episode also features ‘Double Booked Guest’ and multi-award-winning author Jenny Valentine who joins us for an exclusive chat about her new series A Girl Called Joy and her writing process.

And if all that isn’t enough, Andrew takes a deep dive into 1967’s iconic Spiderman TV series for our It Was Rubbish, But I Loved It feature before dipping into the digital mailbag of your writing questions for our resident ‘Agony Eoin’.

Episode 2: There Can Be Only Two

In this episode: for ‘Me, Myshelf and I’ Andrew has chosen to share his love of The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy M. Boston and in our ‘Weird Science’ segment we are off on an expedition to the South Pole on a record breaking toy ship. This episode also features our very first ‘Double Booked Guest’ Jonathan Stroud who joins us for an exclusive reading and chat about his latest novel for young adults The Outlaws Scarlett & Brown. And if all that isn’t enough, Eoin tells us why 1986’s sci-fi action-adventure cult classic Highlander has a place in our ‘It Was Rubbish, But I Loved It’ feature before dipping into our digital mailbag of your writing questions in our ‘Agony Eoin’ segment.

Episode 1: First Edition

Double Booked – Episode 1 – ‘First Edition’.

In this episode: Eoin dusts off his copy of Treasure Island and answers your writing questions as ‘Agony Eoin’, while Andrew talks about things that go BOOM in the night and gets nostalgic about British children’s science fiction television series, The Tomorrow People.