Team Illegal in The Big Issue

Team Illegal, myself, Eoin Colfer, artist Giovanni Rigano, & letterer Chris Dickey are delighted to have contributed a five page comic strip to this week’s issue of The Big Issue.

Our strip tells the story of a former Big Issue vendor, named Rae McKinlay. We worked with her closely on the creation of the strip. Rae told us how becoming a Big Issue vendor had helped change her life twenty years ago, enabling her to move out of a difficult time in her life on the streets to become a successful story teller and workshop facilitator. Rae now helps out with various homeless charities herself.

Rae had to put up with us asking her lots of daft questions about exactly what her old pitch looked like and exactly how she preferred to make her tea. You’ll see why if you buy a copy out now from Monday 4th November. The Big Issue is priced £2.50 with half the money going straight to the vendor. It’s well worth it for Giovanni’s fantastic artwork alone.

Special thanks from all of us to Rae McKinlay, Steven MacKenzie, Ross Lesley-Bayne and all at The Big Issue. And to Rachel Wade, our lovely editor at Hodder.

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