Viking Blood

Cover of Viking Blood by Andrew DonkinBy Andrew Donkin

“It was the end of my story. I knew as soon as I saw the wolf that I had been careless and that now he would rip me apart with those teeth.

… I saw his muscles tense up. He snarled. Then, in a burst of movement and fury, and hatred and hunger, One Ear leapt towards me…”

It’s 1008 AD, and after being injured in a raid that goes horribly wrong, Tor Scaldbane is devastated at losing his chance to be a legendary warrior. But then he remembers the sagas of his ancestors; glorious, bloody battles, ancient heroes, powerful gods … and realizes that all might not be lost after all…

Jack Kirby draws Thor and Loki, gods featured in Viking Blood

Jack Kirby draws Thor and Loki.
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Viking Blood also retells the legends of the Norse Gods featuring the epic rivalry between Thor, God of Thunder and his adopted brother, Loki, Lord of Mischief.

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