The Weird World of William Shakespeare

By Andrew Donkin

Illustrated by Clive Goddard

You’ve probably heard of William Shakespeare.

He is dead famous for:

Writing a few plays.
Having a bit of a way with words.
Creating characters like romantic Romeo and murderous Macbeth.

But have you heard that William:
Did a seven-year vanishing act.
Nearly had his head chopped off by the Queen.
Once nicked an entire theatre?

Yes, even though he’s dead, William’s still full of surprises. Now you can get the inside story with William’s secret diary, find out the news of the day in the Shakespearean Sun and prepare to be amazed as the curtain is raised on Shakespeare’s most dramatic acts.

This funny and lively biography is packed with gags, maps, cartoons, odd bits of history, and strange facts about our William.  Masterfully illustrated by the witty and wise Clive Goddard. Age 8+

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