Details Still Sketchy

Artemis artist, Giovanni Rigano hit the road in early December and some of the Artemis orientated results can be seen below.

PARIS_december_2014_07_by_Giovanni_RiganoGiovanni was sketching for lucky punters at Le Festival du Livre de Boulog ne-Bilancourt, which Gio describes as being “in the hinterland of Paris.”

“Hinterland” is a fantastic word. Hearing it again reminded me of the first time that I met Giovanni. We had arranged to meet well into the evening at the huge central train station in Milan with a plan to drive back to his studio at Lake Como. By the time we ate, it was getting late and has we drove into the night the busy bustling centre of Milan gradually gave way to the faceless concrete canyons of out-of-town bypasses. I asked Giovanni where we were – trying to get my bearings. “We are driving at midnight in the hinterland of Milan which means, my friend, we are exactly nowhere.”

Giovanni was sketching in both English (Puffin) and French (Gallimard) editions of the Artemis Fowl graphic novels. Thanks to Gio for the photos.

PARIS_december_2014_03_by_Giovanni_RiganoThe oddest sketch request overheard at this Festival was from a redheaded French lady who asked artist, Paola Antista to draw “a little girl who passes through a mirror and is then happy.” And then asked writer Fred Brremaud to draw “a little sad boy who eats beans and then is suddenly happy.” Sadly she didn’t ask Gio to sketch anything so he didn’t get to draw our favorite conniving criminal in some emotionally-orientated bean-fest.

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