The second bumper packed edition of our new children’s books #podcast is out!

Our special guest is the fantastic Mr Jonathan Stroud who talks about his new YA book, THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT & BROWN as well as revealing his secret writing process.

It’s my (first) turn to pick a much loved book for Me, My Shelf & I, and I’ve chosen THE CHILDREN OF GREEN KNOWE by Lucy M Boston. In the summer of 2019, Viv and the kids and I had the chance to visit The Manor where Lucy lived and wrote for much of her life. We were given a tour of the house by Diana Boston, her daughter-in-law. It was a glorious day and cemented the books and their magic in our minds.

For his first It Was Rubbish But I Loved It, the lad from Wexford has chosen 1986’s cult movie, Highlander. Miss Eoin defending it at your peril.

Our Weird Science section features an amazing toy-sized expedition to the North Pole.

And we round off this episode with more of your writing questions to Agony Eoin.

We hope you’ll enjoy our second episode – THERE CAN BE ONLY TWO.

Links to download our #Podcast are here:

Double Booked Podcast

Eoin and Andy looking handsome.

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