Happy New Year!

Goodbye to 2020. Happy New Year!

Let’s hope that 2021 is a great improvement on the year that was 2020. Despite the promises made on a Blue Peter episode in the mid-70s there were no flying jet packs, no silver monorails, and no base on the moon. Just a lot of #Lockdowns. Let’s hope for better in 2021.

Peace and good health to everyone. Be well, be safe.

Hungry geese on Blackheath Pond on a chilly December day.
Woods in Maryon Wilson Park with the promise of blue skies beyond.

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  1. Keith Knight says:

    Hi mate. Happy New Year. Many years ago, probably pre-internet, I unsuccessfully scoured Maryon Wilson Park for locations filmed in Blow-Up, not realising that they were shot in nearby Maryon Park.

    Is there not a jet pack now operating in the Lake District to get to walkers who have injured themselves on the fells?

    Stay safe.


    • Keith – you’re quite right. I saw that jet-packing hill-rescuer and it warmed my heart. He looked amazing. Now all I need is one of those for the school run. Happy New Year, matey.

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