Out soon: The Supernaturalist

supernaturalist gn coverThe Supernaturalist, a graphic novel adaptation of the best-selling book by Eoin Colfer, is out very soon.  It can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

SATELLITE CITY – “The city of the future” proclaim the billboards.  But if you’re an orphan, like Cosmo Hill,  then you have no future.  Sent to the Clarissa Frayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys, Cosmo and the other inmates spend their days testing highly dangerous products.  The average life span of an orphan in the Institute is fifteen years.  Cosmo is fourteen.

Cosmo realises he must get away, and when this chance finally comes, Cosmo escapes and finds himself set free in a city far stranger and more dangerous than he ever imagined.  He is saved by The Supernaturalists, a group of kids who share Cosmo’s new and disturbing ability to see things others cannot – strange supernatural Parasites who drain the life force from injured and dying humans.  Cosmo soon joins the Supernaturalists’ night time quest to rid the city of the life sucking creatures.  But the Supernaturalists aren’t the only ones hunting the Parasites and soon Cosmo and his new friends discover a horrifying secret that will change all their lives forever…

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