Roald Dahl Day – One Hundred Years Young!

Roald Dahl Day – One Hundred Years Young!

Tuesday 13th September 2016 is not only Roald Dahl Day but this year is also his 100th birthday! Yep, the master storyteller was born in 1916 so this year’s Roald Dahl Day will be the biggest ever celebration of his life and his wonderful works.

Those lovely people at Scholastic have given my Roald Dahl biography – ROALD DAHL’S LIFE IN STORIES – a brand new edition with a beautiful gold foil cover to mark the occasion. It looks just as fantastic as Charlie’s winning golden ticket. Thank you, Scholastic. The lovely art and cartoons inside are by Clive Goddard.  Roald Dahl’s real life story is just as amazing and just as fascinating as any of the books he wrote.

Read about some of the amazing stuff that’s happening all over the world to mark the day over at

Happy Birthday Mr Dahl!




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