Doctor Who ‘Trainflight’ to reprint

dr-who-fullIt’s all right, Doctor.  You know… I miss you sometimes.

Here’s the lovely new cover to the reprint of my old Doctor Who story, TRAINFLIGHT.

American inde comics company, IDW, are reprinting the 21 page story in October in ‘DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS’ issue 5.

TRAINFLIGHT was co-written with my great mate, Graham S. Brand, and originally published as a three part comic strip in ‘Doctor Who Monthly’.  Thank you to editor, John Freeman, for the commission.  The interior art is by British mainstay, John Ridgway.  The story was originally published in black and white, but has been lovingly coloured for the reprint.  The terrific new cover with McCoy looking all statesmanlike is by American artist, Matthew Dow Smith.

TRAINFLIGHT reunites the seventh Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith, after he tracks her down and apologises to her for throwing her out of the Tardis all those years before.  He promises Sarah Jane a danger free day out, but, of course, things don’t quite work out like that.  The pair of old friends opt to travel by London Underground instead of the usual Type 40, but soon find themselves on the run from Kalik, a hungry insectoid race.  The Kalik regard Earth as a nicely stocked larder, and are keen to add a Time Lord and companion to their menu.  The story explores the friendship between The Doctor and Sarah Jane and sees them make peace with each other.

Lovely to see the story back in print today.  (Well, in a few weeks, but you know what I mean.)

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