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“You pays your money, you takes your choice.”

Last month saw the annual Anonymous event take place at Second Floor Studio’s impressive No Format Gallery in London.
postcards1Anonymous is so named because contributors create a A5 postcard without signing the front.  Hundreds of postcards are displayed and sold for charity and remain anonymous until after the sale – the idea being you might be buying a famous artist or you might not.  Either way, you’re buying a piece of art that you like.

Each piece costs £20 with the money raised going to charity.  In case you’re wondering how it works, punters are given a numbered ticket on their arrival and once the sale starts people’s numbers are called with lucky number one having first choice of the entire gallery.

IMG_1157_2As usual, there was an astounding array of lovely things produced on the A5 cards.  The work ranged from pen and ink sketches, to water colours, oils, and pieces made from fabric and even glass.   There were also postcards that had been turned into prints created at the nearby Thames Barrier Print Studio and one or two postcards that had been turned into box art.

It was a great pleasure to co-create two postcards for the sale with Artemis Fowl artist, Giovanni Rigona.  Both were cartoons in our occasional series, Almost Nothing, they featured two of our favourite subjects, David Lynch and zombies.  Thanks to a flying visit all the way from glamorous Lake Como, Giovanni was able to see the sale for himself.

postcards3The event was packed and had a lovely buzz on the night.  Not least thanks to the free bar (* punches air and silently cheers *) kindly provided by site owners, Emafyl.  Well done, Emafyl.

It was a great night and a great event.  Big kudos to Nichole Herbert Wood, the founder of ArtPlatform who organises the event each year.  This year’s incarnation raised nearly £3000 to be split between four chosen charities:

WSUP – Woolwich frontline alcohol and drugs rehabilitation

Greenwich Mind – mental health support charity for Greenwich

Action on Hearing Loss – national deaf charity

START – International art charity that supports art workshops in refugee camps in the middle east


ArtPlatform founder: Nichole Herbert Wood

ArtPlatform details:


Second Floor Studios is brilliant and can be found here:

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